I'm a product designer based in Vancouver, Canada. People know me as a strong lateral and systems thinker who excels at distilling complex data into nuggets of relevance.

I'm currently at Clio working on our highest revenue-generating feature, Payments. Our company mission is to transform the legal experience for all — fundamentally evolving every moment of interaction for every stakeholder within our legal and judicial systems.

If you're looking for short-term web design projects, I'm available for hire.

A brief history,

Did you know I'm a self-taught designer? I studied communications and marketing in school but also had an interest in mobile user experience. At the time, I didn't even know what UX was. I just knew that every iOS update, Apple introduced new features or a paradigm shift and that made me deeply curious.

Over the years I dabbled in graphic design and Sketch. I took advantage of any opportunity to apply my design skills to real-world projects, such as internships or hackathons. Near the end of 2020, I was very aware of what I was practicing; product design. I just didn't think I could break into the industry without a formal degree. Then around October, my former colleague and friend pushed me to apply for an open UX designer internship on her team. I ended up working at SAP for 16 months, transitioning from an intern to full-time contractor and the rest is history!

Worked on some cool stuff


So far, I've helped redesign practice area management within Clio Manage. Currently working on Clio Payments related features. Stay tuned for more.


I successfully shipped two high-impact projects: a redesign of partner application forms which improved data collection and faster onboarding, and an application tracking tool reducing email support tickets and resources spent on status updates.


I had the opportunity to work with a seed-funded startup, collaborating with co-founders Claudia and Alex to design an early beta of their product, allowing customers to test core functionality. We operated at a rapid pace, utilizing Material Design as a foundation for my designs.


As a part-time designer at Formative, I designed the new plans page, allowing users to better understand their current plan and upgrade path. Additionally, I worked on a referral system, which laid the groundwork for the subsequent incentive system.