Howdy 🤠

You can call me Kevin, or just Kerby if you prefer. I'm designing features that help lawyers get paid faster at Clio, from the wonderfully wet city of North Vancouver. I thrive on complex challenges that require systems thinking and am known for sprinkling a little extra sparkle and polish on my work, bringing both quality and meticulous attention to every project I work on.

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Design beliefs

Being scrappy is okay
I've learned to be scrappy, ensuring I can move ahead and make decisions without paralyzing a project.
Look to the north star
Anchoring decisions against a north star or vision helps teams make decisions and drive projects forward.
Take pride in your work
I find ways to take pride in every project, because it has helped me grow and become the designer I am today.

Things that bring me joy

Taking photos
Photography is close to my heart. My aesthetic is soft, dream-like moments that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Take a look at some photos I took here.
Exploring cafes
I love exploring new cafes, finding joy in discovering unique atmospheres, and savoring different coffee blends. Nemesis Coffee is my favourite.
Collecting Smiskis
My new obsession is collecting Smiskis. These charming little figures inhabit novel spots around my apartment, adding a touch of whimsy to my daily life.