SAP Labs Canada
Landing Page

February 2020 - May 2020


Operating in the Canadian market since 1984, SAP Labs Canada builds products for global distribution, and has a significant research and development presence with labs located in Montreal, Waterloo, and Vancouver. To fill an existing gap in our talent acquisition strategy, I designed an About landing page for SAP Labs Canada.


Work Project


UX Design
User Research


Monica Alves, Jennifer Carreiro, Kirsten Sutton, Cindy Fagen

3 iPad Pro mockups with SAP Labs Canada landing page loaded


The idea for this project came when our communications team realized there was no About page for SAP Labs Canada. Before this project started, the only information about SAP Labs Canada was on the About SAP Canada page. My manager, recognizing my interest in UX/UI design, brought this project to me and allowed me to see it end-to-end.


  • Lead the user experience design of the page by creating wireframes and mockups.

  • Conduct market research and user interviews to determine best practices for creating landing pages.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to build content strategy and source information.

Pictograms and line art of a development lab

Business Goals

Our first step was to reach out to the SAP Labs Network (SLN) Operations team for guidance and strategy documents. The documentation received outlined key goals for the Labs pages.

While the main objective of a market unit page is to increase product sales, a Labs page's purpose is to highlight key success stories to improve talent acquisition and enhance co-innovation with local ecosystems.

Discovery Phase

User Research

To inform the content strategy for the page, I conducted user interviews with five participants. We discussed what they looked for in prospective companies as well as their expectations for company About pages.

Here are some key insights:

  • Users care deeply about a company's culture and work-life balance.

  • Users are interested in extra-curricular activities within the company and giving back to the community.

  • Users want key statistics about the company to make more informed decisions.

Stakeholder Interviews

I also conducted interviews with employee engagement groups to determine the most appropriate types of company culture and extra-curricular content we should feature in the limited space.

Market Research

A few of the SAP Labs across the world were also beginning to create new About pages, which provided some guidance on how ours should look and feel.

Content Strategy

Mind Map Session

After reviewing the user research and interview results, I held a mind map session with key project stakeholders to determine the types of content we should feature. We linked the content to our business goals and organized them under three pillars; About Us, People and Culture, and Corporate Social Responsibility. The image above was the final result of our session.

MacBook mockup with landing page

Ideation Phase


I used Whimsical to ideate and create high fidelity wireframes. The image above was a high fidelity wireframe that we ran past stakeholders and was approved.


Drawing on my communications background at the time, I worked closely with the Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, and employee engagement groups to develop the written copy for the page. Due to the sheer amount of content, it was important to tell our story clearly while staying true to our brand.

MacBook mockup with landing page


Initial Design

Our initial design closely resembled the high fidelity wireframes. At the time, this layout followed similar spacing conventions as the other SAP Labs pages and the rest of

Changing Requirements

Midway through the project, we were informed that all SAP Labs About pages would be updated to reflect our updated SAP Brand Design System. We had to quickly adapt to the changing guidelines and were lucky that the SAP Labs Network Operations Team were there to provide guidance and support in terms of design.

MacBook mockup with landing page

Final Design

The above image was our final design, pushed live to One of the updated requirements was that permission was needed from every individual in the photos before we could use them. As a result, we had to switch to stock photos for every section.

The design has a renewed focus on imagery and making use of all the space available. It takes up a greater width and is fully responsive to changing screen sizes.


Last Thoughts

This project was time-boxed as my internship only lasted until May 2020. As a result of the timeline, I had to pass off the project to my colleagues who pushed it through the approvals process. If I had more time, I would have liked to conduct more user testing pre-launch and after the go-live. Overall, I was very proud to have worked with my team to launch a page that was long overdue.

Special Thanks

Thank you to my manager Jennifer Carreiro for giving me this opportunity to pursue a UX related project and letting me own the project end-to-end.

Shoutout to my colleague Monica Alves for working with the digital services team after I left. She helped make revisions and changes so that the page could be approved and go live.