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A significant component in the success or failure of a product that’s in market is how external and competitive factors come into play. Two of the most important actions brands take when interacting with the market are:

Co-founders Claudia and Alex asked me to help design the user interface for Prive's engineering kick-off. As a recently funded startup with limited amount of time and cash, it was imperative that Prive delivered a working product to alpha testers and funders.

I worked on multiple components and will discuss the process for two in this case study; the Update Card and Brand Card.

Final designs for Prive's beta customers

Update Card

One major component of Prive's Market Intelligence Platform was the update card. This card lives on the home page, in a chronological feed.

What is the goal of the Update Card?

Design considerations for the Update Card

After discussing the requirements with the co-founders, there were several considerations I had to keep in mind when designing the card.

Below are some of the iterations we played around with.

Early ideations for the Update Card

Final Design for the Update Card

After evaluating the iterations, we decided to go with a simpler design. Here are some of the thoughts that went into the final design.

Final design for the Update Card

Brand Card

A secondary component on the home page was the brand card. Users are able to track different brands in Prive and the Brand Card allows them to see which brands they're tracking at-a-glance.

What is the goal of the Brand Card?

Below are some of the iterations we played around with.

Final design for the Update Card

Final Design for the Brand Card

To keep things simple and compact, we went with a smaller brand card. Although we experimented with displaying additional information about the brand, we spoke to users and determined that the SKUs and price range were the key metrics that they care about.

Final design for the Update Card

Live Design

You can view some of my work live on Prive's website.