Partnership Application Tracker

Enabling thousands of PartnerEdge applicants to track the status of their partnership application and get support.


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For prospective and existing partners, tracking their partnership application status is a frustrating experience. Once they fill out an application form, the only way to track the status is to email SAP. In addition, our contact information is difficult to find, making this process unintuitive.


Our solution was a web-based tracking tool which gives applicants visibility into their application journey. It provides status updates, basic application information and a support section for self-help.


Learning about the application experience

We interviewed five contacts from companies that recently became SAP PartnerEdge Build partners. Our goal was to learn about their application experience, from when they applied to becoming an accepted partner. We uncovered several problems that partners were facing. Here are a few:

Creating a user journey map

The insights helped us create a user journey map, where we mapped out the specific pain points in the application process. We also identified three opportunity areas for our new tracker tool based on this user journey map:

  1. Increased communication and transparency
  2. Simplifying existing information
  3. Improving support options

Defining the Problem Statement

Given our user research findings, we came up with a few problem statements to help guide our problem-solving.


When we discussed the solution, there were two things that we had to keep in mind:

This project is currently in process, limited information is available. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss this project in detail.