Designing for increased user engagement and retention

Formative is an online student assessment tool that helps teachers unlock improve student engagement and accelerate learning. I was a part-time, contract product designer working on various initiatives to increase engagement and retention.




Updating the Plan page to Formative's new design language

In the account settings, the Plan page provides information about the user's current plan, their payment method, and invoices. It's also possible to upgrade to the Premium or Partner plan here.

The old plan page you see below was left over from the early days of Formative. There was no consistency in the text styles used and radio buttons were used incorrectly here. There were also accessibility issues due to small text and low contrast.

Old Plan page

Making it easier to understand your current plan and billing

The new plan page standardizes the design across all plan scenarios and fixes visual and interaction inconsistencies. Actions like upgrade, cancel, edit and download, are made clear and visible for the user. All designs and actions are responsive and fully functional on mobile screens as well.

More importantly, upgrade paths to Premium and Partner are clearer with the full range of options available to users. Making the benefits and pricing more visible to users with a clear call-to-action, will make it easier than before to upgrade their plans.

New Plan page with responsive design

Laying the groundwork for a referral and incentives system for teachers

We wanted to create a framework for a referral system with incentives for teachers. Prior to working on this, the only interaction point was a referral modal that was found in the account settings drop-down menu.

Below, you can see that there was a dropdown that made it more difficult than necessary to copy the referral link or share it on social media.

Old referral modal

Updated referral modal

Previously, users had to copy or share referral links to social media by clicking a dropdown. With the updated referral modal, all options are pushed up to the first level, with one click to copy.

New referrals page

Teachers can now share their referral links on a new page. Additionally, they can track who signed up and who got onboarded with their link. Only people who complete the onboarding process count towards incentives.

Sign up page referral chip

We display this chip as confirmation that the teacher referral process is working when users sign up with a teacher referral link.

New referral modal, page and sign up chip